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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Moving Blogging site

I know I've hardly started blogging on here but I've moved to Wordpress due to technical difficulties and so if you wanted to know my new blog site is where I've done a few more posts.
I hope you carry on my blogging experience,
Love Always,
Nina x

Friday, 17 January 2014

Welcome to my 'blog '!

 So if you can't tell I'm new to this whole thing called blogging. I've been following a lot bloggers for a few years now but have never really thought of starting my own... until now (obviously).

I've been looking at uni's for about the past 3 hours as I'm currently in my first year of sixth form- yes meaning I'm sixteen going on seventeen *sings that song* . I'm studying English Lit+Lang (oh! how generic of me to start a blog as an English student), Psychology, Media Studies and History. And I just do NOT know what to do with my life *cries* so I just had a lightbulb moment and thought 'You know what I'm going to start a blog!' So here I am :)

I enjoy reading fashion, beauty and all around lifestyle blogs and hope to make one too but I currently don't have a good quality camera yet which will be quite a big problem to be a vlogger  blogger ( I really need to get to know the difference!... I do, don't worry).

 So I'm basically going to write what I think really, a bit like Jameela Jamil however I'm not quite as witty or even confident enough to write what I really think- or you would just think I was mad ...but I'll try!

Oh! *gasps* I haven't even told you my name. So I'm Nina and my favourite colour is violet, in case you wanted to know (buddy the elf, anyone? no) living in the North-West of England and I like to read. The last book being The Perks of being a Wallflower and I LOVED it. A lot. Better than the film which I stupidly watched before reading it, *facepalm*. 
So who knows what this page will consist of or if even anybody ever reads this, I would actually love if even one person looked at this blog... I think it would kinda cool! So here I am and I hope to post twice a week (you can tell this is a spare of the moment thing can't you!) and I hope you've gotten to know a little bit more about me compared to before you clicked on here. So I hope to see you soon through technologies eyes again quite soon.
                                                     love always, 
                                                                    Nina  x
(The perks of being a Wallflower reference there^)

P.S. I'm half-Greek which might make me slightly cooler and original (<<NOT by the way I just wrote that *more facepalms*)